Pre-Hospital Emergency

Pre-Hospital Emergency

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Aeroplast Emergency Thermal Blanket
Disposable Pen Light Torch
NG Finger Pulse Oximeter - SP02, PR, Pulse Bar, Plethysmogram
Thermometer Mercury Glass 11.5cm
Digital Clinical Thermometer 13.5cm
Tongue Depressor Wooden 150mm box/100
Stifneck Collar Regular Non-Adjustable Adult
AR1018RAluminium Foam Splint Rolled 90cm x 11cm
Air Splint Half-Arm 600mm x 220mm
LAS14 Air Splint Full-Arm 770mm x 480mm
Air Splint Half-Leg 650mm x 277mm
Air Splint Full-Leg 875mm x 622mm

For the administration of oxygen therapy or resuscitation by Advanced Life Support users with oxygen or resuscitation training

$995.00 / unit(s)

For rapid first response administration of oxygen therapy at any location, at any time to any patient. Ideal for the mining industry.

$760.00 / unit(s)

Oxygen Powered Suction Unit

$550.00 / unit(s)